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Chicken Curry Spices is a curry spice blend for the real fanatics. Chicken Curry Spices has a slightly bitter taste with a spicy tang. Aromas of paprika, ginger, cumin and pepper will make you long for more. Turmeric, also known as yellow root, is the spice which causes the yellow color of curry powder. Turmeric is also referred to as Indian saffron for this very reason.

 The Chicken Curry Spices blend is perfect for marinating chicken with, whether whole or in parts, such as fillets, drumsticks or wings. Mix the curry spice blend with olive oil, to taste in a greater concentration. Also try adding the curry blend to a couscous salad for a spicy bite. When mixed with spices, mayonnaise or sour cream, this curry mix makes a fantastic vegetable dip with cucumber, cauliflower, carrot or celery.    


  • salt, paprika, sugar, starch (wheat flour, water, raising agent: ammonium carbonate), cumin, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, broth (vegetable protein hydrolyzed (maize, soy), sunflower oil). May contain sesame.