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Tzatziki is a traditional Greek dish, prepared with yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and spices. It is often used as sauce accompanying gyros, but it is also popular as a dip with Mezze (the Greek equivalent of tapas). Making your own tzatziki has never been easier! With this Tzatziki Dip spice melange – containing garlic, onion, salt, chives, pepper and parsley – you can add the original Greek flavour to any dish!

The only thing you have to do is add some water and olive oil to the dried herbs, after which you can further mix your Tzatziki Dip with yoghurt, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, crème fraiche or cream cheese. With breadsticks it becomes a real Greek dip sensation and the tones of garlic will stimulate your taste buds. The Tzatziki Dip is spicy and fresh at the same time, and tastes exquisite combined with vegetable salads including tomatoes and cucumber. Mix the tzatziki herbs with yoghurt and grated cucumber: surprisingly delicious on a warm filled pita bread! Also try spreading a grilled cheese with cream cheese and tzatziki herbs with a topping of cucumber. Because the Tzatziki Dip doesn’t contain any artificial flavouring, the flavor remains purely natural!    


  • garlic (47%), salt, onion (13%), chives, pepper, parsley (6,5%), olive oil.