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The Sea Salt Mix Mediterraneo spice grinder contains a blend of sea salt and rosemary, safe, bay leaf, thyme and garlic. This allows for the typical Mediterranean aroma and flavors which go so well with fish, poultry or pork. Anyone with a love for the Mediterranean or Italian kitchen should try this sea salt blend. The size and stylish design of the spice grinder means the Sea Salt Mix is not only an addition to the kitchen, but also very suitable for use at the dinner table. This allows everyone to enjoy the scent and aroma of freshly ground spices.

Oil & Vinegar also offers refills for the Sea Salt Mix Mediterraneo. And should you like to try a different sea salt mix, we recommend the delightfully spicy Sea Salt Mix Arrabbiata or the Sea Salt Mix Grigliata for preparing and seasoning of exceptional grilled dishes with vegetables, meat or fish. Both are available as spice grinders and refills. Fantastic to cook with and an excellent gift to anyone who loves to cook. 


  • sea salt (85%), rosemary, sage, bay leaf, garlic, thyme, oregano.