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Sugo ai Pomodori Secchi has everything it takes to present an authentic, Italian meal. It’s a tomato sauce similar to the one Italians like to make themselves, according to the slow cooking method. At first, a ‘soffrito’ is made by stirfrying onions and extra vierge olive oil. Next a mix of Italian tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and sundried tomatoes is added. Subsequently, the tomato sauce is cooked for a long time over a low heat until it thickens. This way, a unique and pure mouth-watering sensation is created!

Moreover, this pure tomato sauce gets its traditional flavor by only adding natural ingredients, such as rosemary, sea salt and sunflower oil. Sugo ai Pomodori Secchi does not contain any thickeners, flavourings or sugars to sweeten the sauce, unlike many other industrial products. The only thing that it needs, is to be evenly warmed through. Lovely as a pasta sauce, in rice dishes, or for spreading onto your baguette. Either way, you will enjoy the tomato aromas in your house!

For a true Italian sensation, you can combine the Sugo ai Pomodori Secchi with one of Oil & Vinegar’s many pastas.


  • chopped tomatoes (59%), cherry tomatoes (19%), sun dried tomato (12%), sunflower oil, onions, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, sea salt.