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Hollandaise sauce is sauce of French origin and is also known as the mother of the five classic sauces in the French haute cuisine. The sauce is named after a habit the French thought was typically Dutch: using a lot of butter. The Oil & Vinegar Hollandaise Sauce is of very high quality and had a soft and creamy texture for a unique and rich taste perception. It contains only natural ingredients, without preservatives or flavor enhancers. The butter sauce is ready to use and delicious in various dishes. Warm the sauce au-bain-marie (without lit) until 60 degrees and don’t cook it. After opening, the sauce can be used up to a week, provided that it is kept in the fridge.

The Sauce Hollandaise can be used in a classic way in combination with vegetables, like asparagus, potatoes or cauliflower. Flavor the butter sauce as desired with green peppers and prepare a culinary delight with steak, stir-fried meat or various fish dishes. For extra variation you can add chopped ham, crumbled eggs and chives toe the creamy butter sauce. 


  • water, sunflower oil, butter (milk) (18%), modified starch, egg yolk, sugar, salt, lemon juice, wine vinegar, beef fond, thickener: xanthan gum, natural flavouring, colour: beta-carotene, spices.