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Pure tomato sauce that is made from cherry tomatoes and has a spicy flavor because of the  red chilli peppers. It is made the same way the many generations of ‘mamma’s’ have made it in Sicily: with much love and patience. Salsa della Mamma arose just after World War II. Two grandmothers from the south east of Sicily made this tomato sauce by using ripe cherry tomatoes that are cooked slowly in small amounts. This way, the taste would be retained. The sauce was bottled in characteristic 33 cl bottles, so the sauce could be saved until the winter. The recipe has been passed on to later generations, and the Salsa della Mamma is still made according to the same recipe, with the same extent of love and patience, and in the same characteristic bottle.

Salsa della Mamma is made with pure ingredients: cherry tomatoes, a touch of basil, garlic, celery and a pinch of salt. Without sugar, an ingredient that is often used in other pasta sauces. Chilli peppers – as the name already suggests – are added to the Salsa della Mamma Arrabbiata for a tomato sauce with an extra spicy accent. Salsa della Mamma Arrabbiata turns any pasta into an intense, irresistible pasta dish.

The Salsa della Mamma Arrabbiata is easy to use. You just have to heat the tomato sauce, where after the salsa is ready to put on the pasta. You can also try the Salsa della Mamma Arrabbiata in combination with peeled shrimps. Then garnish the dish with a little bit of chopped parsley, and your pasta with shrimps will be ready to serve!


  • cherry tomatoes (97%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, basil, garlic, celery, chilli pepper, sugar.