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Risotto is an authentic Italian rice dish from the north of Italy. The Arborio rice is often used to cook risotto since it is very suitable for making risotto. The special rice grains can absorb over four times their own weight without changing in shape or falling apart. Of course, this type of rice needs a bit longer to cook so you have to be more patient and pay more attention while preparing this dish.

The basic preparation for risotto is not hard at all. You just melt a knob of butter in a pan, fry an onion, and add the risotto rice. Fry this mixture for two minutes at la ow heat, and keep stirring until the rice gets a bit translucent. Add a glass of white wine and stir the mixture until the wine is evaporated. Cook about 900 ml of stock and keep adding this bit by bit to the risotto. You just keep stirring until the stock is evaporated and then you add some more until you have added all of the stock. This will take about 15 to 18 minutes but make sure you taste the risotto to see whether it is done. Add some extra virgin olive oil or butter for some extra flavor, along with some Parmesan cheese. These ingredients will make the risotto more creamy and rich.

You can easily spice up your risotto a bit by using our specially assembled vegetable and herb mélanges. Oil and Vinegar has a wide range of risotto mixtures in many different flavors, all worth trying. For example our Risotto Pomodoro with tomato, Risotto Boscaiolo with Porcini mushrooms or the luxurious Risotto Tartufo with truffles.