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Lemon Curd is originally from Great-Britain and is, because of the creamy lemon flavor, extremely suitable to use on bread and with pancakes. But it is also delicious to use it as a filling for cookies, pies, and muffins.

Lemon Curd is a creamy cream that consists of butter, eggs, and lemon, and that is why it gets the characteristic creamy flavor with a hint of lemon. This spread was traditionally served with bread and scones, but nowadays it is very popular to use the spread as a filling for pies and other pastries. Lemon curd can be used to add flavor to desserts and through the yoghurt. Normally, Lemon Curd is freshly prepared and has an expiration date due to the use of fresh eggs. It is unique that Oil & Vinegar has made it possible to sell the special Lemon Curd without an expiration date.

The Lemon Curd is excellent to use in a lemon-meringue pie as a fresh addition to the flavor of the merengue. Another summer dessert is the petit gâteau au citron, which is a small pie that is rubbed with Lemon Curd. Instead of a layer with Lemon Curd you can also mix this spread with whipped cream that you can rub on the cake.    


  • sugar, pasteurized eggs, butter (milk), modified maize starch, lemon juice (4%) (from concentrate), gelling agent: fruit pectin, acidity regulator: citric acid, lemon oil, emulsifier: E475.