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Cranberry Vinegar is made using Balsamico di Modena and cranberry juice from concentrate, among other things. The characteristic aroma and flavor character of cranberries truly shows in this lovely vinegar. Cranberries are large berries and grown on a plant in the shrub family, which likes to grow in bogs and fens. Originally cranberries are native to North America.

Cranberries contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and are known for their positive influence on health. For example, urinary tract infection can be prevented by eating cranberries and drinking cranberry juice, because of the active ingredient proanthocyanid, which is naturally abundant in cranberries.

Aside from the health benefits, cranberries are of course simply delicious, making this Cranberry Vinegar a versatile product in your kitchen. Aside from being used in salads and cabbages, the Cranberry Vinegar can be combined very well with venison, poultry or duck. For example as a base for a marinade, as part of a sauce or for glazing these types of foods. Surprisingly different on freshly baked goods, fresh fruit or poured over ice cream. Tip: garnish your dishes with a few fresh cranberries for that finishing touch!

  • sugars, Balsamico di Modena (34%) (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, antioxidant: sulphur dioxide), brandy vinegar, cranberry juice from concentrate (10,2%), natural flavour, flavour. Acidity: 5%.