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The North-East of Greece provides a home to the most famous olive varieties of the Mediterranean. Due to the climate, the soil and the grounds of the Halkidiki peninsula and the slopes of the mountain Athos, these superior Halkidiki olives can really thrive. This way the buttery taste and the fresh herb aroma arise. The olives are pitted by hand and then filled with creamy blue cheese, so the extraordinary combination is created that will surprise you. It is even delicious for demanding olive- and cheese lovers! It is delicious as an aperitif with a glass of white wine, but it is also tasty when you put it in an authentic Greek salad. Tip: give a spicy twist to fresh or grilled vegetables by serving these with Greek Olives stuffed with Blue Cheese. 


  • green olives pitted (53%), sunflower oil, blue cheese (6,5%) (cows milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt, p. roquefortii), cream cheese (2,8%) (skimmed milk, cream, salt, lactic acid culture), stabiliser (xanthan gum, locust bean gum), sea salt*, acidity regulator (citric acid*). *Sea salt and citric acid are not added to the product but are present due to the brine in which olives are kept.