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Oil & Vinegar Dried Fig Paste is made from Dalmatian figs, originating around the Croatian Adriatic coast. Around this area the local farmer's products are purposefully picked for their natural growing methods, by not using pesticides or overworking the earth. These figs are picked by hand and then naturally dried on wooden platforms in the sun. This drying process takes no less than ten days on average, but the Dalmatian figs retain their natural nutrition during this phase and only gain in flavor. And you can tell from the taste!

Dried Fig Paste is a welcome addition to cheese platters. The fig paste also gives a beautifully sweet accent to meat and is suitable for glazing with. Exciting as a combination with savory dishes, such as crackers with cheese. And goes very well with creamy dairy products, desserts and as pie filling.

All in all, a versatile product with an authentic and traditional flavor! Oil & Vinegar has several types of fig paste for you to keep some variety in your meals.

  • figs, sugar, acidity regulators: citric acid, lactic acid, gelling agent: pectin, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.