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Caper berries are the fruits of the caper plant, which natively grows around the Mediterranean Sea. Capers are the unopened flower buds of the plant. This explains why caper berries are far larger than regular capers. Alcapparón, Spanish caper berries, are not dried but rather pickled in salt, oil or vinegar. This allows the aromatic, somewhat sour but strong flavoring to come into being. The fresh and slightly sour flavoring of Oil & Vinegar Alcapparón provides a delightful culinary surprise. Caper berries are a staple in the Spanish kitchen for a reason.

Alcapparón can be enjoyed as tapas, or can serve as a garnish on a Martini or Bloody Mary. They make a tasty addition to a salad or in a dish with (cold) meat, such as poultry, or various types of fish. Caper berries can also be cooked or baked into dishes. They are particularly good with various tomato and wine based sauces and a surprising twist in pasta or rice dishes.