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This dried herbal blend based on olives and tomato makes your meal a real adventure. The Bruschetta con Olive has a tantalizing taste and the addition of real olives combines very well with the other ingredients. To prepare the Bruschetta, you mix two spoons of Bruschetta mix with for spoons of warm water. Let this soak for five minutes and add two spoons of virgin olive oil. Mix all this and the olive Bruschetta is ready to be served.

The Bruschetta con Olive is exclusively developed by Oil & Vinegar. The created herb blend can traditionally be served on a slice of toast, as a dip with sour cream or mayonnaise or as addition to your pasta sauce. You can bring flavor to every kind of dish. Sprinkle the olive Bruschetta mix on your fish or omelet. Add it to your dressing made of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar as a seasoning or use it to prepare a surprising soup. For six people you need 6 tomatoes, 1 onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 dl cream, 3 dl vegetable broth and half a jar of Bruschetta con Olive.

The Bruschetta herb blend is available in four different varieties. This way, you can make every dish wonderful. 


  • tomato flakes (tomato paste concentrate, maize starch), olives (20%), garlic, salt, basil, paprika, oregano.