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Basil Cream gives a Mediterranean taste to many dishes. With a creamy taste and lovely aroma and flavor of basil. Basil is also known as the king of herbs, as its name is derived from the Greek word Basileus, which means king. After tasting this delicious basil cream, you will instantly understand how it earned its nickname. The Greeks also used the herb for its healing properties. Nowadays, basil is mainly used in the kitchen.

Fish and lobster dishes are perfected with Basil Cream. Just a spot of the luscious basil cream truly makes a steak something special. A classic combination is always a great success: on bread or on a sandwich with tomato, avocado or ham. Simply as tapenade along with gorgeous vegetables such as asparagus and artichoke. For a genuine, luxurious Italian experience! Would you like another step up? Then try the Oil & Vinegar Truffle Cream.    


  • sunflower oil, water, egg yolk (7%), basil (7%), wine vinegar, cane sugar, sea salt, natural pepper flavouring, lemon juice, thickener: xanthan gum