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The taste of this Australian Bush Mix can be best described as a hot Bruschetta with a smoky taste. The Australian Bush Mix got its smoky flavor due to the salt that is smoked over real fire. While the dry seasoning mix only contains ingredients without any preservatives or flavor enhancers, the Australian Bush Mix can still be described as a true sensation of taste.

This seasoning can also be used as the well-known Bruschetta mix. To create the Bruschetta mix you only have to add some water and olive oil. You can also add crème fraiche, mayonnaise, cream cheese or yoghurt to create a dip for bread or vegetables. Would you like to give your meat or fish a smoky flavor? Then you can also use the Australian Bush Mix as a marinade, mixed with some olive oil. When you want to create a spicy dressing, you can add some of the smoky seasoning to an extra virgin olive oil or vinegar. Or you can make your own smoky aromatized herbal olive oil, that you can combine with grilled vegetables. A great dish for every food lover!

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  • tomato flakes (tomato concentrate, maize starch) (36%), paprika (29%), seasoning (soy), chives, rosemary, parsley, salt, garlic, basil, oregano, maltodextrin, jalapeño pepper, onions, olive oil, sunflower oil, smoked salt (0,1%).