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A culinary delight for food lovers. That is what these Peppas stuffed with Feta Cheese deserve to be called. The nicest mini peppers, or peppas, are selected by hand and stuffed with two kinds of cheese: feta and mizithra. They are seasoned with herbs like parsley, oregano, black pepper and garlic. This combination is what makes these peppas a real delicacy. Feta cheese is a classic, non matured Greek cheese with a white color and a salty flavor. Mizithra cheese is a traditional unpasteurized soft cheese made of sheep and/or goat whey with a bit of milk. It has a snow white color and a creamy, granular texture with a flavor that is comparable to ricotta cheese.

The stuffed peppas have a hot and spicy flavor and are pickled in extra virgin olive oil. Peppas stuffed with Feta Cheese are delicious as appetizer, in salads and in various cocktail drinks as well. The stuffed peppas come in an authentic glass jar and can very well be used in a gift set in combination with other Mezze products, which is what appetizers are called in Greece.

A true delicacy! 

  • red bell pepper, Feta cheese, Mizithra cheese, parsley, oregano, black pepper, garlic, potato starch, lactic acid, extra virgin olive oil.