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These special olives are coming from the peninsula Halkidiki that is located in the northeast of Greece. The perfect mixture of climate and soil ensures the growth of the superior olive variety with its soft buttery taste and aroma of fresh herbs.

These Halkidiki olives are still filled with tzatziki by hand so the flavour will be surprising! The traditional Greek sauce is made of 100% Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic. The tzatziki gives the olives a delicious fresh and herbal taste.  

The Greek Olives with Tzatziki are delicious as a starter or as an appetizer. They taste amazing as aperitif when you combine them with a glass of white wine. It is also possible to put the olives in a Greek salad or combine them with tasty bread and crackers. This is a real treat for the olive lover!


  • green olives pitted (53%), sunflower oil, tzatziki (9,3%) (strained yogurt (milk, starter culture), cucumber, modified potato starch, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper, dill), acidity regulator (citric acid*). *Citric acid is not added to the product but is present due to the brine in which olives are kept.