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Contains:- Cajun-style Paprika rub:

Powerful, versatile herb mix with coriander, paprika, mustard seed, chili, onion, garlic and oregano. As a result, the mix has a very layered and varied taste that can be characterized as herbal, slightly salty and mildly spicy. Great seasoning for all types of meat and fish.

- Sweet & Smoky rub
Sweet and smoky herb mix with garlic, paprika, cumin, brown sugar, salt and coriander. The ideal seasoning for carnivores and smokehouse lovers. With this rich herb mix you can easily bring delicious smoky flavors into the kitchen.

- Lemon & Herbs rub
Fresh herb mix with delicious Mediterranean flavors such as lemon, mint, roasted garlic and woody herbs. Delicious with potatoes, lamb, chicken and vegetables.

For marinating meat, fish and poultry. Also delicious for seasoning potatoes, cream cheese and even bread dough.

  • Cajun seasoning: sea salt, coriander powder (10%) (non-EU), paprika powder (9%) (EU and non-EU), yellow mustard seed, chillies (6%) (non-EU), onion flakes, cumin powder, garlic flakes (3%) (non-EU), oregano, thyme, black peppercorns, marjoram. May contain traces of: celery, wheat, sesame, soy and sulphites.

    smoked salt with smoked paprika: smoked salt (38%) (non-EU), brown sugar, roasted garlic flakes, paprika powder (6%) (EU and non-EU), smoked paprika flakes (6%) (non-EU), smoked paprika powder (4%) (EU and non-EU), smoke powder, anti-caking agent, coriander leaf, cumin powder, smoked chilli flakes, smoke extract. May contain traces of: celery, wheat, mustard, sesame, soy and sulphites.

    sea salt with rosemary and lemon: sea salt (40%) (non-EU), rosemary (17%) (EU), roasted garlic, black peppercorns, oregano, lemon rind (5%) (EU), spearmint, lemon flavoring. May contain traces of: celery, wheat, mustard, sesame, soy and sulphites.

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