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Bring smoky flavours into the kitchen with this easy rub. The spice mix contains brown sugar and salt to make meat even more flavoursome. The salt extracts moisture from the meat, in which the other spices can dissolve perfectly. The sugar caramelises and creates a nice crust. The smoky taste is thanks to the smoked chili, bell peppers and smoked salt.

Tip: Season a nicely oiled steak with this rub and be surprised by the sweet and smoky taste. Leave for about 30 minutes before grilling. Poultry and seafood also taste delicious with this mix.
The rub can be used in two ways: as dry rub and wet rub. For a dry rub, rub the meat (fish or vegetables) with the dry mix. For a wet rub, let the herb mix soak in olive oil for an hour before rubbing it on the meat (fish or vegetables).

  • Smoked salt (38%), brown sugar, roasted garlic, smoked sweet bell pepper (10%), sweet bell pepper, smoke flavour (2%), Coriander seeds, smoke extract (2%), anti-caking agent (Silicon dioxide), smoked chili (1%), cumin.

Sweet & Smoky Rub