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Strawberry and rhubarb go together in desserts and cakes and now we have a vinegar too! It pairs well with Lemon oil for a fruity dressing. The pulp gives this vinegar a wonderful dense texture, flavor and color.

Orange, Red Onion, Gorgonzola and Arugula Salad  

1 small orange, peeled, and sectioned

salt and fresh pepper, to taste

2 cups baby salad leaves such as rocket and spinach

3 tbsp crumbled gorgonzola cheese (blue cheese works great too)

2 - 3 slices red onion (to taste)

2 tablespoons strawberry rhubarb pulp vinegar


Cut the orange segments into bite sized pieces. 

Place the baby salad leaves on a plate, then top with orange pieces, sliced red onion and Gorgonzola cheese. Drizzle the strawberry rhubarb pulp vinegar over the top and enjoy !!

  • sugar, strawberry pulp (33.9%), vinegar, water, maltodextrin, modified starch, thickener: xanthan gum, guar gum, natural flavour, antioxidant: potassium metabisulphite

Strawberry Rhubarb Pulp Vinegar