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The taste of  Spicy Wok Mix is perfectly balanced. The ingredients bell pepper, onion, garlic, chilli peppers, coriander leaves, sugar, ginger, cumin and lemon grass make the Asian Mix taste great. With the Spicy Wok Mix you always put a delicious Oriental dish on the table.

Mix one part of the Spicy Wok Mix with three parts of water, let it soak for five minutes and add sesame oil or wok oil to it. Then use it in your Oriental wok dish, or marinade meat, turkey, chicken or fish with this sweet and sour seasoning. It tastes delicious in Chinese or Indian dishes! The Asian Mix is also a very suitable sauce for Japanese sushi, tempuras, and sashimi or other fish, crustaceans and shellfish. For a Thai dip you can mix the Asian Mix with soy instead of water, and then you can add crème fraiche to it. For a spicy butter you can also add to 250 grams soft butter.

The Spicy Wok Mix is an indispensable product in the Oriental kitchen!