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Mix this summer vinegar with our extra virgin olive oil with orange for the perfect dressing for your salad. Also add some fresh fruit, like strawberries to your green salad. And for a hearty bite, try adding some olives. Goes great with chicken too.
This vinegar also mixes wonderfully with honey in fruit salad, for a fresh taste!
Mixed with sparkling water, also wonderfully refreshing as a drink. If you want to make it extra celebratory, you can also dilute this Sangria Vinegar with bubbles, such as Cava! Perfect to serve during a BBQ dinner in the garden.
Dressing tip: Extra virgin olive oil with orange
Or try the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with lemon

  • Cabernet Sauvignon wine vinegar (67%) (Spain), concentrated grape must (sulphite), natural flavoring (1%) (natural orange flavour, natural cinnamon flavour, natural cassis flavour) (sulphite).

Sangria Vinegar