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Extra virgin olive oil  - superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

flavour: fruity - intense - artichoke
Color: gold - yellow
flavour: fruity with intense herbs
Application: cold and hot (up to 180°C)
Acidity: <0.3%
Region: Puglia, Italy
Estate: Terra di Bari & Castel del Monte
olives: Coratina (100%) 
Pick: Handpicked

Puglia extra virgin olive oil tastes fruity and herby with a hint of artichoke. Puglia olives are harvested from November to January and cold pressed after just a few hours. This creates a high-quality, low-acidity olive oil: the green gold as the Italians call it!

Puglia olive oil can be best added to dishes right at the very end. This olive oil is delicious in salads, with legumes, in soups, with red meat and fish dishes thanks to its robustness and full flavor, but it is also very suitable for Oil & Vinegar's bruschetta herb mixes and dippers. For dressings combining Puglia with our Balsamic di Modena IGP is definitely worthwhile, though combinations with blueberry vinegar, cherry-almond vinegar and elderberry-lime vinegar are also wonderful. Dressing tip: 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 olive oil.


  • extra virgin olive oil.

Puglia Olive Oil