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The dish owes its name to the Piri-Piri pepper: one of the many chilli peppers on earth. With chilli you automatically think of sweat pegs on your forehead, but that's best with the Piri-Piri.

The Portuguese discovered the Piri-Piri pepper in Mozambique. This pepper is also called African Bird's Eye Chilli, and they liked it so much that they took it back to Portugal in their packing! In the Portuguese kitchens, the recipe for chicken Piri-Piri was born: the spicy chicken grew into a national delicacy. 

The spice mix consists of garlic, paprika, chilli pepper, oregano, chilli pepper and lemon peel. This recipe has no sugar, unlike any Piri-Piri herbs. Salt is also used as little as possible. 

  • Garlic, pepper, chilli pepper (15%), oregano, chilli (3%), lemon zest, sea salt.

Piri Piri spices