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Sazonador para Paella  is a carefully assembled herb mix, containing garlic, paprika, tomato, pepper, salt, clove and saffron. The Spanish producer Antonio Sots has been producing saffron for over 90 years and they only use the best quality products. The saffron is used to give the paella its typically beautiful yellow colour. The herb mix with saffron can be used in many different Mediterranean dishes, like paella. The natural herb mix is all you need when you want to enjoy a meal with a Spanish touch.

Sazonador para Paella is packaged in a carton, containing three sachets of each 3 grams. Each sachet contains enough herb mix to make paella for about six people. The herb mix does not only taste delicious with paella, but you can also use it in various other Mediterranean dishes. If you want to make authentic paella, combine the paella herbs with Arroz Paella: the original short grained rice from Valencia. Use the Oil and Vinegar paella pan with non-stick coating for an easy and professional preparation. These products can also be combined to make a perfect gift!

Viva paella! 

  • garlic, salt, paprika, tomato, pepper, cloves, saffron 2%.

Paella Seasoning