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Pasta is just kneading some flour, eggs and olive oil, yes? Italian mammas will feel intensely insulted. Producing pasta in Gragnano has been a true art since 1940. History, culture, traditions and secrets are the founding fathers of this delicious variety of pasta. We can’t tell you the secret, you just have to taste it.

Traditionally, with Italian ragù and a lot of cheese, with a mixture of fresh spinach and deliciously soft ricotta or with one of our taste bud-tickling pestos.

The pasta shells are also suitable for making cold snacks. For example, by filling them with a homemade tuna salad with sundried tomatoes and capers. Or with a mixture of ricotta, sundried tomatoes and olives. Add a whole olive on top and you have a super original snack to pair with a glass of wine. 

  • durum wheat semolina (80%), water, dried spinach, tomato powder, dried beetroot.

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