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Beautiful, hand-made olive wood serving platter for the stylish presentation of snacks, appetizers and cheeses. 

This platter, that was made in Tunisia entirely by hand, has a generous, elongated shape and measures approx. 38 x 18 centimeters. Olive wood is a natural product so the platter should not be left in the sun or exposed to too much heat. After use, the platter should be rinsed (no detergent). If used often, the olive wood platter may dry out somewhat. If so, sand lightly and then impregnate with (olive) oil. This will give the wood its great color and shine back.

  • Productspecifications

    Type : serving shelf
    Shape : oblong
    Colour : colour of olive wood
    Dimension : ca. 38 x 18 cm
Olive wood Plank