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mild – fruity – strong garlic taste






<0.8 %


Cold and warm (up to 180°C)

This great tasting extra virgin olive oil, with its clear accent on garlic, is perfect with pasta (sauces), pizza, gazpacho or refreshing dressings. It is also ideal for adding flavour to meat, fish or shellfish, or as a dip for bread. Can be used either cold or hot (up to 180°). Combines excellently with Tomato Vinegar or Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Vinegar. Dressing tip: 1/3 Tomato Vinegar – 2/3 Olive Oil with Garlic.

The olives are harvested in the period between October and January and processed into oil within hours using the ‘’cold-pressing method’’. This traditional process produces a high-quality olive oil with a low acidity. Only natural garlic flavourings are added to this extra virgin olive oil.

  • extra virgin olive oil (99,5%), natural garlic flavour (0,5%).

Olive Oil with Garlic