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The olives for this Novello have been handpicked in Stefano’s yards, not too far from the medieval town Castiglione della Pescaia. Within half a day from picking, Stefano has already pressed them in his small mill.

To retain the beautiful, rich flavour, the oil is bottled immediately. Normally, olive oil is allowed some time to settle, but the Novello is not. That is why the oil is slightly cloudy. The oil is fruity and grassy with a light bitterness and a pungent taste. The intensity of the taste reduces over time, and by the end of June the taste of the oil has become mild. These beautiful bottles are labelled with the harvest year and have been individually numbered. 

Novello is ideal for preparing bruschetta and salads, for dipping bread (with a tad of sea salt) and as a last minute addition to meat and soups.

  • extra virgin olive oil