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The Italian word Miscuglio, which is pronounced as miscoolio, literally means mixture, and is originally a spaghetti mélange. Though Oil & Vinegar Miscuglio Italiano is much more. This lovely aromatic herb mix with no salt is very versatile to use. All you need to do is mix the Muscuglio herbs 1:1 ratio with hot water and some extra virgin olive oil and it's ready to use.

Flavour Italian ciabattas or baguettes with soaked Miscuglio and grill with some grated cheese. Or mix it with some butter to create a delicious Italian herb butter that not only tastes good with bread, but also with meat or fish. Looking for a diet recipe? Mix the Italian herb mix with some yoghurt or cottage cheese: a delicious dip for vegetables!

Sprinkle some dry Miscuglio Italiano on your pasta sauce, lasagna and casseroles. Mix it with your minced beef to create Italian herb meatballs or season your omelette with a tablespoon of dry Miscuglio Italiano. Also try it in the oven: bake some fish with Italian herbs, tomatoes, leek and lemon. Tip: make a marinade with olive oil and Miscuglio herbs and leave some olives to marinate in it for a little while. Truly delicious! Of course you can also use the same herb oil over a salad or for cooking meat. 

  • Garlic, Red Bell Pepper, Oregano, Basil, Pepper, Onion, Thyme.

Miscuglio Italiano