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Little Doone's flagship product and their best seller. Little Doone is based in Stirling, Scotland. The flavor is simply fantastic and it's so versatile, you'll be using it everywhere from the kitchen to the barbecue. It has a really deep, full flavor that just keeps on developing on the palate revealing the complexities of the balsamic.

It's great as a marinade, for dipping, or as a drizzle and compliments both sweet and savory dishes.

For salads, we recommend a drizzle of original with a drizzle of your favorite oil, either a fine olive oil or a beautiful rapeseed oil. Dress to impress!

When friends come round for dinner and you are putting the finishing touches to your culinary masterpiece, there is nothing better to nibble on than fresh, still warm bread with oil and Little Doone Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing.

Little Doone Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing