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When tasting this Limoncello Vinegar, you imagine yourself sitting on a terrace on the Amalfi Coast. Like the well-known Italian lemon liqueur, this vinegar tastes sweet, slightly bitter, creamy and aromatic. And that without added sugars!

Perfect in salads, desserts and as a syrup. Limoncello Vinegar tastes great with grilled fish, roasted meat and (fruit) salads. In dressings it combines excellently with Tuscan Herb olive oil. IAnd with ice cream or panna cotta, this Limoncello vinegar is the perfect accompaniment.

Tip: make a tasty cocktail of sparkling water, Prosecco and/or fruit juice!

Country of origin: Italy - Tuscany

  • Concentrated grape must, concentrated grape juice, wine vinegar, natural concentrate lemon juice, natural flavouring or Limoncello.

Limoncello Vinegar