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This herb mix is inspired by a combination of some typical Mediterranean flavors, such as lemon, roasted garlic and woody herbs. Thanks to the lemon and rosemary the mix has a wonderfully fresh taste.

Recipe suggestions:
- For seasoning lamb, such as a lamb rack, or lamb chops
- Ideal for seasoning potatoes, as the mix contains a lot of rosemary
- Delicious on fish dishes, such as cod or  any whitefish
- Delicious in a salad dressing

This rub can be used in two ways: as 'dry rub' and as 'wet rub'. For a dry rub rub meat, fish or vegetables with the dry mix. For a wet rub, let the herb mix soak in olive oil for one hour before rubbing it on the ingredient to be marinated.

  • Sea salt (40%), dried rosemary (18%), Roasted garlic, black peppercorns, dried oregano (8%), dried lemon rind (5%), dried spearmint (2%), natural lemon flavoring with other natural flavorings (0.5%).

Lemon & Herb Rub