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When you try this rich olive spread, you can just imagine yourself in Greece. The Kalamata Olive & Fig Delicacy from Oil & Vinegar is made from Kalamata olives from the Koroneiki tree. These grow near the Greek port of Kalamata, located in the southern region of Peloponnese which explains the origin of the name of this type of olive. The Kalamata olive is a thick cone-shaped olive with a smooth skin and an intense purple-black coluor. This olive contains a large stone and has a strong juicy flavour with a soft fruity taste.

Figs have been an important food ingredient for people for thousands of years. For the ancient Greeks, it was an important part of their diet and sometimes served as a substitute for bread. Today it is a favourite fruit and a basic part of many Greek recipes. Dried figs are seen as the ideal snack for an energy boost and are rich in fibre and vitamins.

The combination of chopped Kalamata olives, dried figs and small pieces of almond make this Kalamata Olive & Fig Delicacy a true, sweet taste sensation. The possibilities are endless. It is tasty as an appetizer on a cracker or cheese board, and delicious on a luxury pizza with prosciutto ham, provolone cheese and grilled peppers. But it’s also delightful as a topping on yoghurt and even ice cream….

Kali orexi! 



  • Kalamata olives (33,6%), glucose, sugar, water, dried white figs (3,7%), roasted almonds (2,5%), balsamic vinegar, acidity regulator: citric acid, sea salt.

Kalamata Olive & Fig Delicacy