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Nothing tops a deliciously made fresh avocado guacamole. It's super healthy and irresistible! But how do you make a really good guacamole? Do you add garlic or onion? Or maybe both? Luck will have it that just when you decide to make it, you are missing a key ingredient!

This Guacamole Herb Mix means making guacamole has never been easier. The mix contains tomato flakes, chilli, sea salt, garlic, peppers and various other herbs. The only thing you need to do is add an avocado per two teaspoons or herb mix. Easy does it!

For a smooth guac add some of our Olive Oil Mayonnaise. And if you really want to wow your friends, add a couple of diced tomatoes for extra bite.

Your guests haven't arrived yet? Sprinkle some lemon or lime juice over the guacamole. That way it stays green for hours.

  • tomato flakes (tomato paste, maize starch), chile, sea salt, garlic, bell pepper, raw cane sugar, thyme, oregano, granulated lemon peel (concentrated lemon juice, maize starch, sugar), curry, parsnip.

Guacamole Dip 85g