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Fornelli are a specialty of the region Piemonte. These Fornelli Aglio e Basilico, or crackers with garlic and basil, are still made in a traditional way in Italy. These delicious and crunchy crackers are made out of big, flat bread, after slicing it in thin slices. The thin slices are sprinkled with garlic and basil and baked in the oven. This results in golden and crunchy crackers.

Italian people often serve fornelli or grissini with their meals instead of bread. The Fornelli Aglio e Basilico taste very well with soup or a salad. The crackers can also be a replacement for bread. Try these crackers in combination with salsa or chutney. A mini cracker with cheese and chutney is a delicious snack with a crunchy bite. Because of the garlic and basil, the fornelli is also great to eat without a topping.

After opening, you can preserve the fornelli for a month. Keep them in a dry and dark place in a closed box so they stay crunchy.



  • wheat flour, palm oil, malt, garlic, salt, yeast, basil.

Fornelli Aglio e Basilico