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The Farfalle Multisapore is produced in a natural way and comes in five colors. The red pasta is colored by tomato, the green one is colored by spinach, the black pasta is colored by sepia and the yellow pasta is colored by eggs. To the white pasta oregano and seasoning are added.

Farfalle Multisapore is made and dried in a traditional manner. By using a bronze shape, the pasta gets a more intense color and a rougher texture. This way the sauce will better adhere to the pasta, so your meal will form one whole. Due to a longer drying time on a lower temperature, the pasta will get a lower density compared to the industrial made pasta. This way the pasta will absorb more water during the cooking, and the pasta will get bigger than the dried pasta.

Farfalla Multisapore is prepared as followed: cook the pasta during 6 till 8 minutes. Then pour the pasta and season it to taste with your favorite olive oil. Then add, for instance, one of the pasta sauces from our assortment to get the authentic Italian meal.     

  • durum wheat semolina, eggs, sugar beet, spinach, oregano, sepia (mollusc).

Farfalle Multisapore with spoon