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Avocado oil is one of the few oils that is not made from seeds. The oil is created by pressing the flesh that surrounds the avocado stone. Did you know that the flesh of an avocado can consist of up to 30% oil?  Avocado oil consists mostly of unsaturated fats. It is rich in minerals such as iron and potassium, and is also rich in proteins. The production process to extract the oil from the avocados is a mechanical process, similar to that for olive oil.

Avocados are cultivated in a frost-free climate in sub-tropical regions. As soon as the fruit has formed on the tree and begins to grow, the oil content in the fruit increases. Many countries have established guidelines for harvesting avocados so that they have reached their optimal ripeness and size when they are harvested. As a result, the desired flavor and texture can be achieved.

The flavor of Oil & Vinegar's Avocado Oil can be described as mild, nutty and buttery, and it can be used in salads with vegetables or quinoa, or for frying, or in a deep fat fryer. You can heat avocado oil to a maximum of 270°C.

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