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Balsamic vinegar is famous and known for its rich flavor. Dark balsamic vinegar is made using red grapes and adds color to the dish. However sometimes it's less ideal for a dish to be discolored. In this case you can choose a white balsamic variety, allowing you to still enjoy the typical flavor. In a condiment, the balsamic vinegar is further enriched with additional ingredients, often in the shape of herbs, spices or fruit.

This Condimento Balsamico Biano allo Scalogno is from the notable Italian vinegar estate Leonardi, which has been specialised in balsamic vinegars since the 18th century. This balsamic condiment has a light color due to the use of white Trebbiano grapes. These have been boiled down to grape must and along with the white wine vinegar ripened for four years in oaken vats. Entirely natural, without additives such as caramel or colorants, resulting in a beautiful product with a lovely flavor profile which can be described as both sour, sweet and slightly fruity. This allows you to bring flavor to an endless variety of dishes in a balanced way!

Use Condimento Balsamico Bianco allo Scalogno with salads, raw or boiled vegetables, poultry, carpaccio of beef or tuna, marinaded or fried fish, shell fish, mushrooms, omelets, garlic bread, soups, sauces, cheese fondue and as a dip for bread.

Curious about other flavors?

Try the Condimento Balsamico Biano allo Zeffrano, with the addition or exclusive saffron.

  • Ingredients: white wine vinegar (sulphites), white grapes must, shallot (2%).

Condimento Balsamico Bianco allo Scalogno