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For years glazes have been used by cooks to enrich the flavour of their recipes and to create elegant, aromatic decorations on plates. For the best results they boil the balsamic acid for a long time on a low fire, giving it its syrupy consistency, which is a time consuming task. That's what makes this Mussini Balsamic Glaze Figs both delightful and easy to use. Chefs love this, and boil balsamic vinegar down on low fire for a very long time in order to get the syrupy consistency. But here, it has been done for you.

Figs give a sweet, fruity twist to this Mussini Balsamic Glaze, which consists out of grape must from the Italian Modena and aged balsamic vinegar. This fruity flavor accent makes it particularly good with poultry, meat, or on ice cream or fruit.

Balsamico di Modena is a unique balsamic vinegar with an intense aroma and flavour. Typical for Modena are the Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, which are picked by hand in the vineyards according to tradition. Only the grapes which have ripened sufficiently in the sun are picked. The pressing process is done gently and slowly, in order to gain a high quality grape must which is then boiled down to half its original volume. The grape must ripens in a series of vats, consisting of 5 different kinds of lumber, which yearly are divided into parts and transferred from vat to vat. This gives it its trademark balsamic flavour. A longer aging process means a higher quality. Thanks to the natural fruit sugar of the grape must, the balsamic vinegar becomes sweeter and more syrupy as it ages.

Prefer to enjoy and decorate with the pure Glaze variety? Then try the Mussini Balsam Glaze Natural!


  • concentrated grape juice, balsamic vinegar of Modena (39%) (wine vinegar, cooked grape must ), dry figs extract (preservative: sodium metabisulphite), flavour, modified corn starch, sulphites.

Balsamic Glaze with Fig