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Extra virgin olive oil for frying, cooking/baking, roasting, wok, fondue and deep-frying (up to 210°C). Originates from Catalonia (Spain) and is made from 85% Arbequina and 15% Arbosana olives.
It has been said for years that it is better not to heat extra virgin olive oil. But it is actually just a well-spread fable. Extra virgin olive oil can be heated up to 210 degrees Celsius, so you can even use it for frying. Extra virgin olive oil is very healthy thanks to the bioactive substances, fatty acids and antioxidants. The taste and smell are at its strongest when you consume the oil cold, but the flavour also comes out well in hot dishes. That makes this Bake & Fry EVOO a better and much healthier cooking partner than butter.

Region: Catalonia, Spain
Olives: 85% Arbequina, 15% Arbosana
Harvest: October to mid-November
Acidity: 0.4%
Altitude: 25 meters above sea level
Picking: hand picked
Filtering: decantation
Is the entire process managed by the producer (growing - picking - milling - bottling): the entire process is managed by a partner who also bottles.
Polyphenol value: 150 mg/kg
Pesticide use: -
Certifications: ISO
Taste: medium fruity / slightly bitter / medium sharp
Color: intense yellow-green
Smell: Ripe, fruity
Use: Can be used cold and hot (up to 210°C)

There are two reasons why this extra virgin olive oil is extremely suitable for baking and cooking:
1. Bake & Fry Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a special blend of extra virgin olive oils.
2. The producer uses a special filtering process to keep as little water as possible in the olive oil. Therefore, this extra virgin olive oil splashes less than other extra virgin olive oil varieties.
Bake & Fry Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterized by a delicate, grassy and fresh taste. It can be used both cold and hot (up to 210°C) and is very suitable for (stir-fry) baking, roasting, wok cooking, fondue and deep-frying. Tastes really nice in combination with the Patatas Bravas Dip, for preparing a delicious marinade.

Bake & Fry Olive Oil in Tin (Large) 2.5l