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Alentejo extra virgin olive oil is from the Norte Alentejo region that is known for its wine. However, along with all the grapes, many different types of olive are also cultivated in the area. Typical of this region is the Galega olive, but Cobrançosa, Cordovil and Arbequina olives are also cultivated. The growing conditions in Norte Alentejo are exceptional. The soil is calcium and potassium rich, there is plenty of sun and sufficient rainfall. All these favorable conditions contribute to high-quality harvests, only the best varieties of olive trees thrive here.

Careful harvesting is a must as olives are very fragile. Harvesting takes place in November and December; halfway through the olives' ripening process. Harvesting and pressing this early gives Alentejo olive oil its fruity character. The oil is not filtered.

Alentejo olive oil is delicious as a dip with herbs or salt and pepper. Ideal with grilled meat, fish and vegetables, and surprising with roast potatoes and in ice cream! Naturally also very tasty as a dressing, particularly with our raspberry vinegar, but also with our pomegranate, lavender and elderflower-lime vinegars. Dressing tip: 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 olive oil.

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Alentejo Extra Virgin Olive Oil