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The Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes that are used in the production of this Balsamico di Modena have a very high quality. These grapes grow in the Modena area and are organically grown, handpicked and pressed, then slowly boiled for a long time. Next, the balsamic vinegar ages for at least five years in wooden vats, to give it its intense aroma and slightly sweet flavour. This excellent product in the Oil & Vinegar selection has the name Balsamico di Modena IGP for a reason. This means it's a recognized and guaranteed local product.

Balsamico di Modena IGP can be used either hot or cold. Its flavour makes for an excellent salad dressing, drizzled over vegetables (raw or cooked), and is also a fantastic option for flavouring an omelette or various meat dishes. For a dressing, combine this Balsamico di Modena with the Tuscan Herb Olive Oil or with Bonsecco Olive Oil from our very wide range of olive oils. A delicious classic combination is tomato with mozzarella and this vinegar, for a fresh sweet twist. Boiled down as a sauce over meats or desserts the Balsamico di Modena is a flavour sensation you won't forget!

  • concentrated grape must (sulphites), white wine vinegar (sulphites). Acidity: 6%.

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