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For this White Balsamic Vinegar only the very best Trebbiano grapes from Modena are used. The grapes are handpicked, carefully and gently pressed, after which they ripen in a series of wooden vats. The yearly pouring over is done by experts, after which the ripening process continues. Eventually, the magical balance between aromatic, sweet and sour flavors discern themselves. An older balsamic vinegar is more syrupy and sweeter, due to the naturally higher amount of sugars.

Chefs regularly choose a White Balsamic Vinegar, because regular balsamic vinegar tends to color their dishes darker. We do often eat with our eyes! This White Balsamic Vinegar is delicious over steamed or grilled vegetable or egg dishes. Delicious as a vinegar on a salad, combined with a lovely olive oil. Recommended combinations for this are: Sitia Olive Oil, Garlic Olive Oil or Basil Olive Oil.

Mentions of balsamic vinegar were made over a thousand years ago, according to ancient texts. In the past, the process was considered very valuable, and was even given as a dowry! It's safe to say this is a valuable flavor, enriching a variety of dishes.

  • white wine vinegar (sulphites), white grape must (sulphites), antioxidant: sulphites. Acidity: 5,5%