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Who doesn't know Vitello Tonnato? Cold, thinly sliced veal with a creamy tuna sauce, served cold. This real Italian classic is originally from the Italian Piemonte, where families prepare it mainly during the holidays. Nowadays it can often be found on the menu as an antipasti, starter or lunch. Naturally the quality of the veal is important, but the creamy tuna sauce which is served cold over this makes it a true delicacy.


With this ready to go Salsa Vitello Tonnato you can create this classic in the wink of an eye. The creamy tuna sauce has a perfectly balanced recipe when it comes to flavor and texture. You only need to add capers for your own perfect Vitello Tonato.



  • colza oil, extra virgin olive oil, water, tuna fish (26%), spirit vinegar, modified starch, seasoning, milk protein, table salt, lactose (milk), thickener: xanthan gum, spices.