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With Rouille à la Sétoise you have everything you need in order to enjoy the full French flavor experience. This spicy cream is prepared with garlic and tomato. The soft and luscious texture of the cream ensures it tastes wonderfully with various dishes. Rouille à la Sétoise owes its name to its orange coloration, which somewhat resembles that of rust. The French word for rust is rouille.

Rouille à la Sétoise is full of flavor! The garlic cream with tomato can be served cold with surimi, shrimp and other seafood. Try using it as a topping on some toasted bread and sprinkle with grated cheese, have it on some melba toast or with (garlic) croutons. Rouille à la Sétoise is also very suited to bouillabaisse, the typically French fish soup. Bon appetite!