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Risotto Tartufo is a classic Italian rice dish that is prepared with Arborio rice and carefully chosen natural ingredients, like black truffle, mushrooms, garlic and various other herbs and spices. This black diamond has a rich prestigious, and strong typical flavor that gives this risotto a luxurious touch. In combination with the Arborio rice, which can absorb a lot of fluid while remaining firm during cooking thanks to its shape, these ingredients make a delicious risotto with this easy to prepare Risotto Tartufo mix.

Risotto is prepared by melting a knob of butter in a pan and adding the Risotto Tartufo to it. Cook the rice for two minutes on a low heat, and then add a glass of white wine to it. Keep stirring until the wine has evaporated. Prepare 900 ml of stock or hot water and keep adding this bit by bit, while you keep stirring. Boil the mixture for about 15 to 18 minutes on a low heat. Serve the risotto with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese and add some extra virgin olive oil if you like.

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