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If you have ever visited Turkey or one of the other countries from the Middle-East, than you probably have tasted the Pomegranate Sour. It is a special syrup that is based on pomegranate that is often used in this region. Because of the exceptionally high percentage of pomegranate concentrate, the Pomegranate Sour is way better than its competitors, because the competitors often use a much lower percentage of pomegranate concentrate.

Due to the special sour taste of the syrup, the Pomegranate Sour is very suitable for couscous, vegetable salads and warm vegetable dishes or as a marinade for meat like lamb or duck breast. You can vary endlessly with this tasty pomegranate syrup.


  • Ingredients: pomegranate concentrated (85%), glucose syrup, caramel, acidity regulator: citric acid.