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A beef carpaccio if of course a classic. The only thing you need is a good quality piece of fresh, thinly sliced beef and the best flavorings to turn it into a delicious starter. The last part is made simple with the Olio di Oliva Carpaccio Carne Rossa. This Italian extra virgin olive oil with herbs is especially designed for this: enriched with bits of garlic and basil as natural aromas. For an excellent meat carpaccio!


This Olio di Oliva Carpaccio Carne Rossa can also be used for broader purposes, both hot and cold. Obviously fantastic with other red meats, but even vegetarians will enjoy the flavor combination of this lovely spiced oil, for example on a beet salad, in pasta dishes or salads! Prefer a fish carpaccio? Then the Olio di Oliva Carpaccio Pesce is a perfect match with lemon, basil and delicate herbs to accompany the fish.


Tip: present carpaccio in a different manner! Sprinkle the herb oil over the slices, add capers according to your personal taste and roll them around the end of long Grissini al Rosamarino.

  • Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, dried garlic (2,3%), freeze-dried basil (0,7%), natural garlic flavour, natural basil flavour.