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Lumaconi Tre Colori is a type of pasta with spinach and tomato that originated in Italy. These remarkable large pasta shells with three colors are made of durum wheat and are produced in a traditional way. The dough is kneaded slowly, spread by hand and slowly dried at a low temperature. A bronze mold is used instead of a Teflon one, that is used for making industrial pasta. That explains the slightly rougher texture of the pasta and because of it the sauce will stick better to the pasta. The green and red pasta shells – all natural – are made using spinach and tomato. Lumaconi Tre Colori doesn’t only look festive with its colors, but is also specifically designed to fill the large shells with various ingredients. Use your imagination to create 1001 treats.

Lumaconi Tre Colori is easily prepared and has a cooking time of 14-16 minutes. You only need a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, you can create your own filling. Oil & Vinegar has a lot of pasta sauces and herb mélanges to finish your pasta dish. Fill the shells with your own creation and place them in the oven for a golden crust of cheese.

Now you can enjoy a delicious and special pasta meal!    

  • durum wheat semolina, dehydrated spinach (3%), dehydrated tomato (2%).